Get Ready To Be A URAHL Hub Partner​



This Partnership Offer from URAHL represents a unique and “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity that will transform the way you carried on with your businesses so far. This has the power to increase your monetary income exponentially within a short span of time and link you to India’s most advanced, integrated hospitality platform.

URAHL’S Hospitality Platform seamlessly links together all aspects of hospitality operations and customer experience into a single system. The holistic approach works wonders for guest satisfaction, property efficiency and revenue. By using technology to deliver services in more convenient, faster and more transparent ways, URAHL’s Hospitality Platform helps harness the power to unify hospitality operations, make multiple departments act as one to deliver consistent and impeccable service, receive, dispatch, monitor, and analyse service requests with exceptional precision, and realize huge gains in revenue, efficiency, and guest satisfaction in the process


To complement URAHL’s unique approach and to take the  benefits of our Integrated Hospitality Platform to all corners of India, we are looking to engage with local players to act as our Hub Operators, who would operate and manage our local offices, share our offerings with hospitality and other related businesses within their vicinity, handle ground mobility operations of some of our services with complete responsibility and accountability in a revenue sharing model with us.

URAHL Mobilty Smart Grid Helps Our Partners Earn More Money Smartly.

Our Main Services

1. Hospitality Project Development

2. Hospitality Management & Consultancy

3. Hospitality Branding & Marketing

4. Hospitality Investments & Acquisitions

5. Hospitality Franchise Solutions

6. Hospitality Events and Meetings Management

7. Hospitality Supply Chain Management

8. Hospitality Support Services Management

9. Hospitality Hiring and Career Solutions

10. Hospitality Ground Mobility Solutions Under the Brand Name TripMover

11. Hospitality & Travel Booking Solutions Under the Brand Name MyTripDesk

Frequently Asked Questions

URAHL Hospitality Hubs will be preferably allotted to already operational businesses in strategic locations at select cities in India for maximum marketing impact and for ease of doing business. An ideal Hub Operator must possess the following:

  1. Must be an already operational Business preferably in the Travel or hospitality sector.
  2. Must have GST Registration
  3. Must have Current Account with bank
  4. Must have a presentable, fully furnished, air conditioned office with a waiting lounge that has good and comfortable sitting arrangements for travellers who will use URAHL’s airport shuttle services. 
  5. Must have good storage/warehousing space to suppot URAHL’s hospitality supply-chain business. This can be separate and may not necessarily be within the office premises.
  6. Must have a local goods delivery infrastructure including transport vehicles and trained manpower. 
  7. Must have adequate washroom facilities within the office premises separately for male and female travellers using our airport shuttle services (provided by TripMover https://www.tripmover.com )
  8. Must have 24x7x365 power back up.
  9. Must have Internet connection and Wi-Fi
  10. Must provide mobile charging ports in sufficient numbers
  11. Must have Parking space for our shuttles and other cars/vans
  12. Must have safe luggage space for travellers.
  13. Must have Infotainment system for waiting travellers
  14. Must have 24×7 running water in the wash rooms/toilets
  15. Must have installed RO water purifying system for drinking water
  16. Must have adequate manpower to run the activities of the office
  1. Hub operator will receive adequate rent compensation for the premises to be used for carrying out URAHL’s local operations. 
  2. Revenue sharing for travel related booking (flights, cars, buses, trains, airport transfers). 
  3. Revenue sharing for all Hub-generated local, domestic, and international tours and holiday packages.
  4. Revenue sharing of Hub-generated income on all our other B2B & B2C platforms that include hospitality jobs, hospitality support services, and hospitality supply-chain
  5. Revenue sharing of Hub-generated hospitality Franchise opportunities using the unique franchise financing model. 
  6. Revenue sharing of Hub-generated hospitality investments and acquisition opportunities
  7. Revenue sharing on all Hub-generated event management activities that include weddings, corporate meetings, religious functions, social and entertainment events. 
  8. Revenue sharing on all Hub-generated hospitality project development services that includes hotels, resorts, clubs, banquet halls, restaurants, spas, conference centres, etc. 
  9. Regular staff and manpower training for the Hub
  10. Regular technology upgrades 
  11.  24×7 customer care support
  12. Branding benefits (such as furniture, signages, computers, operating software, etc)
  13. Grid connectivity would bring large number of customers to the hub
  14. Real Time update of all related travel data and information
  15. Special packages and incentives for the Hub Operator regularly

We expect our Hub Operators to meet the following: 

  1. Ensure smooth operation of our airport shuttle services based at the Hub
  2. Ensure smooth operations of our Limousine fleet based at the Hub
  3. Ensure smooth operation of our Corporate Personnel Carriers based at the Hub
  4. Assist us in procuring and managing all necessary local licenses, deal with legal matters and concerned government authorities
  5. Assist us in enlisting all hospitality industry businesses within the specified Hub vicinity
  6. Actively engage with our customers for feedback to continuously improve on our services
  7. Actively engage in our efforts towards market penetration
  8. Constantly update and maintain all account related activities of the Hub that includes cash as well as digital transactions. 
  9. Ensure complete security of our assets on ground including our fleets, computers, furniture, etc. 
  10. Maintain confidentiality and safeguard our data assets at all times