URAHL’s Hospitality Platform seamlessly links together all aspects of hospitality operations and customer experience into a single system. The holistic approach works wonders for guest satisfaction, property efficiency, and revenue. By using technology to deliver services in more convenient, faster, and more transparent ways, our Hospitality Platform helps harness the power to seamlessly unify hospitality operations, make multiple departments act as one to deliver consistent and impeccable service, receive, dispatch, monitor, and analyze service requests with exceptional precision, and realize huge gains in revenue, efficiency, and guest satisfaction in the process

In today’s world, hospitality has become a digital enterprise. Generating revenue opportunities, increasing bookings, and improving operational efficiency has never been more critical objectives for the hospitality industry. Changing market dynamics
have accentuated the need to be nimbler and also to rethink existing customer engagement strategies, while simultaneously reducing operational costs. And this is where URAHL’s Hospitality Platform plays a critical role since success in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry relies on reinventing business models to create compelling customer experiences and responding to changing health requirements and regulations. A customer-centric and data-driven mindset, enabled by a digital technology framework, is critical to developing a competitive edge.

Creating a frictionless guest shopping and booking experience hinges on overcoming the complexity of disparate technology systems. Whether shopping and booking through a hotel’s contact centre, a travel agent or an online booking website, the hospitality industry only moves forward when the right product reaches the right guest at the right price point and timing.

URAHL propels the hospitality industry into the digital era through its intelligent suite of precision distribution and sales products that maximize sales and increase guest engagement while simplifying complexity and boosting operational efficiency.

With a singular focus on empowering guests and employees, URAHL supports mission critical operations including reservations, revenue management, customer loyalty, property operations, point-of-sale and dining management.

We accelerate the digital transformation of our customers by leveraging our techno-functional expertise and incorporating cross-industry best practices. We take cognizance of the unique positioning of our customers and provide digital consulting services that solve specific business problems and help them achieve strategic business goals and organizational objectives. The singular focus on the hospitality industry and our ability to help our customers formulate and execute strategies for the desired
business outcomes set us apart from generic and technical consulting companies. Customers gain a competitive edge in the market through differentiation and cost reduction from our offerings.

At URAHL, we have dared going beyond the traditional hospitality definition. We have integrated multiple verticals such as hospitality management, hospitality careers, hospitality real-estate development, hospitality supply-chain management, hospitality staffing, and manpower management, hospitality career development, event management, Investments & acquisitions, hospitality project finance, travel booking, ground mobility solutions, tours & holiday packages, and much more. Our services are meant to bring down the cost of acquisition and hospitality management.  

Promoted by a bunch of expert professionals from several sectors of the economy, the management team at URAHL believes in achieving complete customer satisfaction. Backed by cutting-edge technology, we strive towards making the hospitality industry a thriving economic sector that is beginning to show a steady recovery after the massive jolt presented by the COVID19 pandemic. We understand how important it is for the hospitality industry to have a unified & dedicated platform that is capable of taking on board  relevant businesses and individuals to drive them seamlessly forward.


Meenakshi B.

Executive Director

Meher B.

Director, Outdoor Activities

Don Kupar Syiem

Director, NorthEast India Operations

Ian Andrew Lyngdoh

Director, Meghalaya Operations

G. Pramodh Babu

Director, South India Operations

Nishan D.

Honorary Director, Hospitality IT Solutions

Sumit Cowshik

Director, Hospitality Infra development


Both “Sentry” and “URAHL” have agreed to join together in a joint venture and strategic alliance consolidating each parties’ respective experience and company capabilities in order to present an exciting, unified, and powerful new enterprise across several high performing sectors within the hospitality industry worldwide. Our relationship has already begun under the foundation of our working together on the $176 million Princeton Hospitality Social Campus Project. Sentry and it’s affiliates bring 30 years of a success at the highest levels within the hospitality industry to this exciting partnership. Now, together with Unihorn Resorts and Hospitality Ltd. this venture combines a collective powerhouse in the following areas: 

  • Hospitality Management & Operations
  • Hospitality Project Development & Risk Aversion 
  • Platinum Marketing & Management of Meetings, Conferences & Events
  • Hospitality Investments & Purchase Acquisitions

Sentry reviews all leads generated by URAHL from within the aforementioned fields exercising their award-winning approach to “project evaluations and team analysis” generating both market demand studies supported by their in-house financial investment return analysis project profiling thesis and responding with an accurate business plan and timeline agenda moving forward. Sentry will also include URAHL into their SRI European Collection profile when appropriate. Sentry also brings a 22-year relationship with Morgan Stanley Worldwide as their exclusive hospitality operating partner to this joint venture. In addition, they have included their exciting new Sentry Smart Technology Platform to this partnership offering the most sophisticated technology solutions to the corporate world of hybrid meetings and events. Sentry’s reach into the industry is boundless. Together, we are straight-up and simply more powerful. As an investment vehicle, this venture presents risk aversion and unequalled fiscal strength.



  • Hospitality Management
  • Acquisition & Investment
  • Project Management & Development
  • Hotels & Private Residences
  • Meetings, Events, Guest Relations
  • Agile Workplace Experience


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